I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a reference to

 I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a reference to help me study.

During the Classical Period, as music evolved in style and form, so did instrumentation. The sounds of the harpsichord were increasingly replaced by the piano and composers embraced a more natural and balanced approach to music.

Compare and contrast two pieces of music within the same style and genreone that is composed by Johann Sebastian Bach or George Frideric Handel (during the Baroque Period) to one that is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Franz Joseph Haydn (during the Classical Period).

What similarities and/or differences do you hear within the form, melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, etc. of each piece? What specific developments and transformations between the two periods can you recognize and describe based on your analysis of the two pieces of music? What is the difference between the compositional approach and instrumentation of each piece? Which compositional approach do you enjoy more and why?

Requirements: 300 words

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