Writing Question

Total word count at least 1750.

Detailed writing instruction and grading rubric is attached in file. Please check.

Using the following questions to guide your thoughts, reflect on what you learned, organizing your reflection into the following sections:

● Board, forum, and forum URL: The complete, formal name of the message board you read and the title and URL of the forum you chose to focus on (from the message boards listed below).

● Choice of board and forum: Why did you choose this message board and forum rather than a different board or forum? Is this an issue that intersects with your life or the lives of your families, friends, or future clients?

● Your general personal response to skimming the message board and reviewing your chosen forum: What was your general personal response to skimming the message board and reviewing your chosen forum? Was there anything that surprised you? Was there anything that confirmed your prior knowledge and beliefs? Was there anything you thought would be a part of the board or its broader website that wasn’t there? What other impressions did you have?

Countertransference: What countertransference issues or emotional reactions could arise for you in working with clients with these concerns? What specific strategies can you use to decrease the negative effects of your internal reactions to work most effectively with this population?

● Affect and interaction in the forum: What are the different emotions people express or ask each other about in this forum? Does it vary in different threads? How do people interact with each other, and do they focus primarily on themselves, the other thread participants, or direct most questions or comments to the moderators or other board personnel? When do moderators or other board personnel step in to answer, suggest resources, or attempt to change people’s behavior in the forum?

● Major concerns expressed in the forum: Including the general focus of the forum, what are the major topics discussed in this forum?

● Major interventions and solutions articulated in the forum: Generally speaking, what do moderators or other board personnel typically suggest?What referrals do they make? What do other members typically suggest?

● Your learning: What did people in the forum suggest that you have learned?

● Your role: If a client with these concerns interacted with you in an intake, or you were developing their service plan,

■ Which of the suggestions or referrals you read about seem to be within your scope of practice (actions/services you could legally and ethically engage in) as a bachelor’s level human services professional?

■ Which seem to be outside your scope of practice, and how might you facilitate the client’s access to those resources?

■ What, if any, interventions or services did you read about that raised your concern (e.g., something you know is not evidence-based, something dangerous or illegal, something that might put other people at risk)? (Be sure to consider this section when you write about countertransference, above.)

Choose one of these message boards (see attached file):

You may use any of these message boards. Forum and thread examples are given to help you orient to the structure of the message board, especially since some use different labels for their components. You may use any relevant forum (in other words, topic or subtopic “folder”) from the message boards listed here. You may request to use a different message board as long as neither you nor anyone closely associated with you is a member. You’ll need to email the instructor at least 10 days before the assignment is due to request review and possible permission.

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