Watch the movie genetic roulette.


Watch the movie Genetic Roulette.

Questions – Answer with supporting evidence.

  1. What do you know about GMO foods besides what you heard in the video? Be specific about the food. Are you knowledgeable about corn, papaya, alfalfa, rice, sugar beets, cotton, or canola? Share how you came to get your information.
  2. Have you personally suffered from consuming GMO foods? If so, describe your suffering. How can you be sure it was caused by GMO foods?
  3. Do you know someone who has suffered from consuming GMO foods? If so, what foods and what kind of reaction did that person experience. How can you be sure it was a result of the GMO foods?
  4. Do you feel the video was biased? If so, in what way? Do you feel the makers of the video omitted evidence that should have been included? If so, describe that evidence.
  5. If you did not want to consume GMO foods, how would you go about eliminating them? Be specific about what you’d do and how you’d do it. Would your decision cause you to be less social to avoid eating GMO? How would you handle those kinds of social pressures to eat with friends and family?

Please answer separately and numbered.

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