Reflective Journal


talks about how we didn’t meet patient ; talks about orientation where the director of the nursing home explain the policy of clinal to us; she also takes us on the different unit and introduce us to the different nurse manager and what types of patient they have in the different floor. just use what i give you in details to make it one page.

  • Length: 1 to 3 pages double-spaced, depends on the content and what happened in clinical
  • Mandatory subjects: 2 (see above)

Reflect in your journal

  • The purpose of reflective writing is for you to write about your clinical experiences in a journal.
  • Nothing is right or wrong; content is not graded but you must submit 5 journals to pass clinical.
  • There are 2 mandatory subjects you must write about at some time in the journal, otherwise there are no restrictions.

The mandatory subjects are:

  • Decision-making: who made the decision, how did they go about it? If you made it what were your thoughts before, during and after the decision, did it work out well or not? Why do you think? Would you decide differently if the same situation arose again?
  • A significant clinical incident or experience: Describe the situation; what were your feelings about the care given? What didn’t you know at the time but found out later? Did you have to look up information? What was it and where did you find it? Was there anything that could have been done differently?

Typically, you may describe anything that happened; fears, expectations, disappointments, surprises, a clinical situation and analysis and/or reactions to the situation. A good time to write the journal is the same day or evening of clinical so you can easily recall the day and events.

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