Reflect on the GOAL

Reflecting on THE GOAL and the lessons learned, answer the following three questions in a Word document. Be sure to state each question along with each respective response. Include any citations and adhere to the rules of written English. It should be approximately in the 500 to 1000 word range. This assignment is worth 10% of the course grade.

1. In your own words, explain and critique the wisdom of Jonah and his approach? (VALUE=3 of the 10 points)

2. Critique THE GOAL as an operations management text and as a teaching tool for the workplace. (VALUE=3 of the 10 points)

3. Give an example of a real-life situation in which the lessons of THE GOAL can be applied. Essentially, be a Jonah. You are the wise consultant brought in to fix or improve the company, and you are tasked with helping them to improve their metrics, their processes, their quality, their supply chain, their bottlenecks, or just about anything that would help to bring them closer to their goal of making money. (VALUE = 4 of the 10 points)

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