Question answers | Nursing homework help

 you have to use the chapters I attached below. 

and your opinion as well 

Question 2

What do you think are some important qualities a good CEO should have?

Question 3

List the 5 pillars of excellence

Question 5

In your opinion, list 5 good qualities you think a good effective leader should have a healthcare organization.

Question 7

Key to strategic planning s the development of relationships with …………… (……… )

Question 8

Pretend that you are a new CEO for a new hospital organization that is suffering from high turnover rates. List 2 ways in which you would help in overcoming this issue?

Question 9

in your own words, explain why you feel organizational purpose is important for any healthcare organization?

Question 10

As a future healthcare leader, list 2 ways in which you will combat institutionalism within your organization?

Question 11

List 3 benefits to having a joint venture in place?

Question 12

In your words, what is institutionalism?

Question 14

An organization’s ————,———–And ————

Question 15

Why is benchmarking so important to an organization?

Question 16

__________ a review of an organization’s internal and external environments for the purpose of revealing and comparing actual performance with potential performance.

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