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Exp19 Word Ch02 CapAssessment Personal Finance


Project Description:

This semester you are enrolled in a personal finance course at your local university. One of the assignments is to write a research paper about investing. You conducted research on the various types of investing instruments, and wrote a final draft of the report. In the following project, you will format the document to enhance readability and appearance. You will create, modify, and apply styles; apply bullets and numbering; and insert two pictures into the document.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp19_Word_Ch02_CapAssessment_PersonalFinance.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. Ensure that nonprinting characters are displayed.


Change the document theme to Office, and both theme colors and theme fonts to Office. If the theme   is not available, click Browse for Themes, and then select the downloaded   theme file Office.thmx.


Ensure that the insertion point is on the first paragraph of the   document. Create a paragraph style and   name it Title_Page_1 with the following formats: 22 pt font size, and a font color of   Blue-Gray, Text 2, Darker 50% (fourth column, last row). Apply the new style   to the first paragraph of the document, Personal   Finance, if necessary.


Click in the paragraph below Updated   by: and type Laura Sims. Change the case of Laura Sims to UPPERCASE.


Select document text from the paragraph beginning with Personal Finance   through the end of the document. Justify the selected text and change line spacing to 1.15. 


Place the insertion point on the   left side of the title Personal Finance   (below Laura Sims) and insert a   page break (not a section break). 


Apply Heading 1 style to Personal   Finance at the top of page 2. 


Apply Heading 2   style to paragraph headings, including Introduction, Equity Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, U.S. Treasury Bills, Fixed   Deposits, Sources, and Conclusion


Modify Heading 2   style to use Dark Red font   color (the first color under Standard Colors). 


Select the six paragraphs in the Introduction section on page 2,   beginning with Equity stocks and   ending with Fixed deposits. Apply a   diamond bullet to   the selected text.


Select the second paragraph in   the Introduction section, beginning   with The best time to prepare for your   retirement, and apply these formats:
  • 0.6” left and right indent
  • 6 pt spacing after the paragraph
  • Boxed 1 1/2 pt border using the color Blue-Gray, Text 2, Darker 25% (fourth   column, fifth row)
  • Shading of Blue-Gray, Text 2, Lighter 80% (fourth column, second row)


Apply the default numbered-list format (1., 2., 3.) to the three types of bonds in the Bonds   section. 


Select the three quotes by Warren Buffet and the Source: paragraph in the Equity Stocks section.   Display the selected text in two columns with a line between the columns. 


Insert the picture file WallStreet.jpg at the beginning of   the line that contains The major stock market   in the Equity Stocks section. Change the height of   the picture to 3”, and apply Top and Bottom text wrapping. Apply the Rounded   Diagonal Corner, White picture style. Position the picture so that it appears   below the Equity Stocks heading.   Align the picture so that it is centered horizontally relative to the margin.


Insert the picture file GreatIdeas.jpg at the beginning of   the paragraph that contains If you want   something a little less risky than stocks in the Bonds section. Change   the height of the picture to 3”, and apply Top and Bottom text wrapping.   Apply the Center Shadow Rectangle picture effect. Position the picture so   that it appears above the Bonds heading.


Spell check and review the   entire document—no author names are misspelled.


Display the document in Outline   view. Collapse all paragraphs so only lines formatted as Heading 1 or Heading   2 display. Move the Sources section   to below the Conclusion section.   Close Outline view.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch02_CapAssessment_PersonalFinance.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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