English Question




Please select an argumentative topic related to QAnon for the research argument paper which is 6-8 pages long.



identify which issue(s) you want to address in your final research paper about QAnon; determine what question arising from that issue you want to address; and, make an answer in response to it.


o The Works Cited page should be a separate page and formatted according to MLA 8 guidelines. Note that, while such site as the Purdue OWL include citation generators, you still have to input the correct information in order to generate the correctly-
formatted citation.
o Both quoted AND paraphrased material should be documented using parenthetical
o The discussion should be organized by topic, not by source.
o The discussion of each topic should synthesize or bring and weave together multiple (rather than single) sources.

o You are not supposed to use non-specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias as sources. (For instance: The Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on a philosopher would be acceptable; the Wikipedia or Britannica entry on that same philosopher would not.

1.You’re basing this project on the work you did in the first writing project–the sources that you used in writing the Annotated Bibliography will be the sources that you use here. That said, you can add new sources and/or drop some of the original ones if you wish; just bear in mind that, at the very least, you should use the first project as the foundation for the second.

I’ve attached the sources that I used for annotated bibliography below. Please try to include at least some of them in the paper and feel free to include any other sources too.

2. Think about a possible distinction in arguments between “facts vs. issues.” Let’s say that “facts” = “things that are not in dispute,” such as the answer to the question “How many islands make up the nation of Japan?” Let’s also say that “issues” represent “points of debate” or “things that are in dispute,” such as the answer to the question “Are the Kuril Islands part of the nation of Japan?” If that’s the case, then your goal is to take a position on one of those issues. Is Pluto really a planet, for instance? Should Congress re-instate a ban on assault weapons? Should conservative religious organizations be able to limit insurance coverage for such things as birth control?

3. That position will be represented in your thesis.

4. You’ll provide the explanation or defense for that thesis in the writing project itself, which should have:

  • a total of at least seven sources, plus
  • a properly-formatted Works Cited page, and
  • be 6 to 8 pages in length, and
  • use MLA 8 for both the Works Cited page AND internal, parenthetical citations.

5. You should give your project a title, but you don’t need a title page–just use the same formatting for the top of the page as you did for the Annotated Bibliography.

Outline for “Addressing the Opposition

I. Introduction
a. Context (1 paragraph?)
b. Question (1 paragraph?)

II. Body (Explain / defend your thesis)
a.Your Own Argument
1. Reasons / evidence from research
2. Reasons / evidence from research
3. Reasons / evidence from research

b. Address the Opposition
1. Who thinks differently and What
they think (research; objective; one paragraph)
2. Rebuttal (one to three paragraphs?)

III. Conclusion—Reassert Your Thesis


Include a comparison and cause & effect section in the paper

Please make a strong thesis at the end of the 1st paragraph of the paper.

I want you to write the paper in simple language, without any plagiarism.

You have time until May 1st 12pm CT to complete the whole paper but I would like to get a rough draft of the paper and a one-sentence thesis statement of your argument for the final writing project by tomorrow APRIL 15th 9PM CT. Please be sure to complete the rough draft and the thesis statement!

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