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 Clean Edge provides a distinct opportunity to demonstrate understanding, and mastery, of corporate decision-making with respect to marketing strategy, and the use of financial analysis to support those marketing decisions. The case asks students to select a preferred launch approach, BUT FOR OUR WORK, THE REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT IS MODIFIED. Specifically, students are to prepare a 4-part analysis: – Support for mainstream launch; -possible challenges to the mainstream launch -Support for niche launch -possible challenges for niche lunch Your written work will stimulate the discussions taking place in the board rooms as the executives consider the pros and cons of each approach. Because these discussions will be real-time, rapid fire, make sure your supporting work is well organized to the point! In addition, the Clean Edge case provides significant financial information for use in analyzing and supporting the required decision-making, so full utilization of that information is required, and spreadsheets supporting your work will be an essential part of the required analysis. Finally, it is quite clear that the case may, in fact, be asking us the wrong question entirely. ADDRESS WHAT YOU THINK IS A BETTER, MORE ACCURATE APPROACH, for use in making the boardroom decision required in Clean Edge 

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