Case study ii | Marketing homework help

 If you were the marketing manager of Monte Calcados, what strategic decisions would you propose?

1. Should MC start distributing through online retailers? To make your final recommendation, you need to consider: 

1) What are the general benefits of making products available online through various retailers? (Hint: Extra research is needed.)
2) What are the negative impacts of online distribution on in-store retailing? (Hint: Extra research is needed.)
3) Based on the pros and cons of online retailing, the characteristics of MC’s consumers, and cannibalization for MC’s megastores (see the Excel sheet attached), make your final recommendation. 

2. Should MC expand its target market to include older women? To make your final recommendation, you need to consider:

1) Who are MC’s current target consumers?
2) When the best customers of MC get older, how can (or should) MC manage this change? (Hint: How do fashion brands handle the fact that their best customers get older? Do some research about fashion brands you think similar to MC. Extra research is needed.)
3) If MC targets older consumers, what are the pros and cons of doing this? (Hint: Do some research about fashion market for the elderly. Extra research is needed. ) 
4) Finally, based on your analysis, state your recommendation explicitly. 

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