Within the e-business model, e-mail occurs ________.

Question 1

5.55 out of 5.55 points

Within the e-business model, e-mail occurs ________.

a. at the activity level

b. at the business process level

c. at the enterprise level

d. none of the above

Question 2

0 out of 5.56 points

Data, such as digital coupons or customer complaints, exchanged between companies and consumers typically travel via _____, while off-line electronic data collection, such as bar code scanners or databases, shared internally within an organization, travel via ________.

a. internet; intranet

b. extranet; internet

c. extranet; intranet

d. the Web; the social network

Question 3

5.56 out of 5.56 points

Corporate level business strategies that include information technology components, such as internet, digital databases) are known as ________.

a. marketing strategies

b. e-business strategies

c. e-marketing strategies

d. corporate strategies

Question 4

0 out of 5.55 points

An e-business model is a method by which the organization sustains itself in the long term using information technology resources and principles.

a. True

b. False

Question 5

5.56 out of 5.56 points

The internet consists of all of the following except ________.

a. computers with data

b. users who send & receive data files

c. a technology infrastructure to move, create and view or listen to the content

d. a central mainframe

Question 6

5.56 out of 5.56 points

E-marketing affects traditional marketing in which of the following ways?

a. increases efficiency of traditional marketing functions

b. technologically transforms marketing strategies

c. decreases the reach of marketing campaigns

d. both A and B

Question 7

5.56 out of 5.56 points

As consumers become more demanding the internet is a good way to deliver customer value because ________.

a. most products on the internet are cheaper than on other marketing channels

b. broadband allows marketers to put more cookies on computers

c. marketers can send e-mail messages to millions of customers in an instant

d. customers gain access to information and entertainment on demand

Question 8

5.55 out of 5.55 points

________ are specific measures designed to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s operations.

a. Strategic outcomes

b. Key performance metrics

c. Business models

d. Strategic objectives

Question 9

0 out of 5.55 points

The Balanced Scorecard is based on three stakeholder perspectives.

a. True

b. False

Question 10

5.56 out of 5.56 points

________ is the subset of e-business focused on transactions that include buying/selling, digital value creation, and virtual marketplaces.

a. E-commerce

b. E-marketing

c. Digital technology

d. ESP

Question 11

5.55 out of 5.55 points

Individuals can be both users and content providers on the internet.

a. True

b. False

Question 12

5.55 out of 5.55 points

Customer relationship management focuses only on retaining existing individual customers.

a. True

b. False

Question 13

5.56 out of 5.56 points

As a strategy, content marketing could involve:

a. Creating content on Web sites

b. Publishing content on social media

c. An e-mail offering a free white paper

d. All of the above 

Question 14

0 out of 5.56 points

All of the following e-marketing technologies exist without the World Wide Web, except ________.

a. electronic data interchange

b. email

c. text messaging

d. hypertext navigation

Question 15

5.56 out of 5.56 points

Which of the following processes is unlikely to be carried out at the activity level of e-business commitment?

a. customer relationship management

b. online purchasing

c. e-mail

d. dynamic pricing online

Question 16

5.55 out of 5.55 points

________ can be learned from dividing net profits by total assets.

a. Return on investment (ROI)

b. Market capitalization

c. Earnings

d. Income

Question 17

5.55 out of 5.55 points

As one of the social media performance metrics, action metrics could include all of the following except:

a. click-through

b. share of voice

c. event attendance

d. purchase

Question 18

5.56 out of 5.56 points

The four performance areas of the balanced scorecard include all of the following except ________.

a. customer perspective

b. internal business perspective

c. learning and growth perspective

d. metrics perspective




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