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PowerPoint Assignment: Transnational CrimeExplore a culture that has been linked to criminal behavior. At one time or another all cultures have had some link to criminal behavior, whether that’s organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, or civil disobedience. In a 12–15 PowerPoint slide presentation (excluding title and reference slides) complete the following:Identify one culture or ethnicity that has ties to transnational crime, and describe its links to criminal behavior.Evaluate its role in transnational crimes.Analyze and explain how this culture or ethnicity has had an impact on systems of justice.Be sure to discuss the role that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of this culture. Provide examples determining why these beliefs are formed, and how culture and religion shaped these beliefs.The PowerPoint presentation should have the following characteristics.Contains a title and references slide.Bullets for your main points.Pictures to support your presentation where applicable.Must include speaker notes to fully explain what is being discussed in the slide bullet points as though you are presenting to an audience.Research from at least three credible sources to support the main message, including graphics.Incorporate information from course readings, the course materials, or other library sources to support your discussion. Properly cite all sources of information by including in-text citations and a list of references.Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, both in-text and on a References slide. You need to quote material taken directly from a source.The same standards for documenting sources that apply to an essay, apply to a presentation. Go to the APA Style® Central website for a digital library of APA Style quick guides and tutorials to refine your writing.Designed with a live audience in mind in order to inform your viewers about the topic.

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