Question for clinical practice | Sociology homework help

As you conduct your clinical work, it is likely you have wondered about the efficacy of different approaches to clients and their presenting problems. Imagine that you notice in a routine chart review that a group of children with emotional disturbances has a pattern of functioning relatively well for a while and then deteriorating. This makes you curious because you have worked with some of the children’s families and, based on your observations, you believe the waxing and waning of family disorganization might have something to do with the children’s condition. How might you explore the questions you have regarding this situation?

For this week’s Application Assignment, you consider questions you would like to answer regarding clinical practice and select one to address in the Assignment. You apply your clinical skills and experience to describe and analyze this question. Then, you conduct a literature review on the topic and consider additional steps you could take to explore this topic more deeply.

The Assignment (8–10 pages):

Select one question you would like to answer regarding clinical practice and provide the following information on this topic:

  • Identify the question you are investigating and explain why you want to address it.
  • Provide background information on the question you are addressing.
    • Include your personal observations related to topics that are relevant to the question.
    • Include information about theories and theory-based interventions that are relevant to the question.
  • Include a summary of what current professional publications and literature present regarding this topic.
  • Suggest how you might collect additional data on your question and describe the findings you might expect.

By Day 7

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