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Here is the assignment for Midterm Essay #2:

When Gloria Anzaldúa writes in “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” that “Chicano Spanish is not incorrect, it is a living language,” she is defending the language of her community, a language often referred to as “Spanglish.” Referring to at least 3 articles we have read for this unit, construct an argument in defense or opposition to the use of Spanglish in the Latino community. As you explore your argument, be sure to give at least 150 words to each article (one-half page or more per article), offering key points made by the article either in defense or opposition to Spanglish and its legitimacy as a language. In doing so, you want to bring in and analyze the key terminology they use to make their argument, considering how the terminology they use shapes their understanding of Spanglish, either in terms of its defining features, its limitations, or its usefulness. please do not use any other sources.

Essay: 3-4 pages, MLA format.

Thank you 

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