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Overview: Presentation: Your Topic Through Two Lenses

In learning block 6-1, you created a title slide as well as an introduction for your presentation. Now, you will discuss the two lenses that you have chosen to focus on. The title of your first lens will go at the top of your first lens slide. You will choose details and examples from your research to illustrate how professionals in the field look at your topic.

In the exemplar presentation on smog pollution, the first lens chosen was historical. Through research, it was discovered that young children and elderly were affected. Some questions identified on the KWL Chart were:

  • Were all people affected by pollution equally?
  • Did pollution affect people’s life span?

You will notice in the exemplar presentation that the answers to the above questions were summarized. Details from the article would also be included here.

Next, you will create the slide that focuses on your topic through the second lens. As with lens one, you will identify details and examples identified on the KWL Chart in modules 4 and 5. In the exemplar presentation for lens two on smog, social sciences was chosen. Details might include that smog affects the labor force and costs $225 billion worldwide by causing laborers to die prematurely, or that in low- and middle-income countries, 90% of the population is exposed to dangerous air quality. Please view the sample presentation to view how this information is presented and then apply it to your own presentation.

Finally, you will also be reading about paraphrasing and summarizing, both of which will be important for you to understand and practice doing as you create your slides or sections.

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Credo Resource: 6-2 Drafting Slides for Your Two Chosen Lenses

Complete the assigned reading in CREDO. This reading shares information about paraphrasing and summarizing, which should help you with writing information for your slides or sections in this and the next few learning blocks.Checklist Icon

6-2-1 Activity: Draft First and Second Lens Slides for Your Presentation (Ungraded)

Review the “Pollution and History” and “Pollution and Social Science” slides or sections within the Presentation Exemplar. Then, open your saved presentation from the previous learning block and locate and complete the slides or sections entitled “Topic and Lens 1” and “Topic and Lens 2.” On the slides or sections, explain how your topic is viewed through the each of the lenses by first identifying the lens and then noting details and examples relevant to that lens in order to explain how your chosen topic is viewed through each lens.

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