W02: Moving Portrait, Continued & Looped!


  • AfterEffects Settings:
    HDTV 1080 29.97
    Width: 1920px
    Height: 1080px
    Square Pixels
    Frame Rate: 29.97
    Duration: 0:00:10:00
    Background-Color: Black


  • Using the imported files from last week
  • At least 8 Keyframe animations
    • One for each layer you were planning to animate from last week’s imports
  • Use two Effects from the AfterEffects Efefects Panel
  • Keyframe Assistant or Graph Editor to smooth the animation


  1. Using the AfterEffects file you set up last week, it’s time to now get into animating!
  2. Start by using keyframes in the layer timeline panel along the bottom of the AfterEffects window to achieve the animation you stated you were going to give your moving portrait and background last week.
    • Try to match the animation!
    • You must animate at least 8 properties! One per planned animated layer but feel free to use multiple!
    • Make sure that the property animates back to it’s original place so that it’s looping! It must loop!
  3. Ease your animation with keyframe assistant or the graph editor to make them smoother and less robotic.
  4. Be sure to also watch the video on the AfterEffects Effects Panel and incorporate two effects into your loop!
  5. Use keyframes to animate the text across the screen
    • Animate two properties about the text. It can be the path, color, etc.
  6. After finishing, export all 10 seconds of the animation as an MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder.
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