Research final draft | English | Houston Community College

You are to revise this paper down to FOUR pages exactly — not one word more, not one word less. Remember that works cited pages NEVER count in the page number.

Revise, Revise, Revise!!

A few things to note:

1. You are not allowed to use direct quotes in your paper. If you use a direct quote, the highest grade you can receive is a 50/100, assuming every other aspect of the paper is correct.

2. Paraphrased information must be cited. If your paper is not properly cited with in text citations, it is plagiarized and will receive a 0/100.

3. Paraphrasing must be completely your own words — if it matches too much to the original source, then the paper is plagiarized and will receive a 0/100.

4. Your citations on your works cited page must have the proper format: They must be in alphabetical order, have a hanging indent, and be in full 8th edition MLA format. Improper citation is also a form of plagiarism, and the highest grade you can receive if your Works Cited page is not correct is a 50/100 — you have turned in a version of this page several times already (sourcing, AB, research submission and rough draft) and have been given ample opportunity to fix these errors. 

I did not read your rough draft for content — I read for formatting and other components. Therefore, it is entirely possible for you to do very well on the rough draft and extremely poorly on the final — as I will be reading for both format and content at that time.

Remember, you want to revise your paper down to FOUR exact pages. Not one extra or less word.

NB: please mention the children’s book ‘A cool kid like me’ the author ‘Wilhelm Hans’ on few paragraphs. 

Let me know if you need more info.

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