C Programming Question


Note* You can also use Speed Test or any of your choice



1. Provide the results of your bandwidth test. Let us know the type of connection (dialup, cable modem, DSL, FIOS, T-1, etc.), time of day, and your results. You should provide averages from three different times of the day or week.

2. The online bandwidth tester we used is not the only one available or probably even the best one. Perform an online search for “bandwidth test” to find another, and let us know about it on the Discussion Board. Tell us your opinion — which one is easier to use, did you get different results, which one was more reliable, which bandwidth tester had more useful related links, which one had more annoying ads, etc. We will add recommended links to the Web Links section of the course, and give a “recommended by” line to the students who recommended them.

3. Using your average bandwidth, as just determined by one of the bandwidth testers, calculate how long it should take to download the 1.32-MB Grand Canyon image and compare to the measured time of your download.

4. What is your home public IP? How did you obtain it (Google how to get it)? What is the difference between your public IP and your private

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