Organic chemistry lab 1 – experiment 3d: mixture melting points

Watch this video (10:10) here is the link:

The first file attached, will be the (Samples tested: Experiment 3D Mixture Melting Points)

Please complete the first file attached meaning the blank conclusions on the worksheet. (The DATA in this file is the data the professor gave us to use. So use the data in this worksheet)

Also, start the Lab for Organic Chemistry 1

* How to approach a lab write up *

Note: Please complete it by this format. (In the format those are just examples and not actually work completed)


Title of Experiment: Experiment 3D Mixture Melting Points

Purpose or Aim: This says exactly what the goal of the experiment is. It may consist of one or more parts. Based on what is stated in the procedure, you should have a very good idea as to what the point of the experiment is. Explicitly and briefly state all in this section. (5 points)

Examples: 1. To recrystallize an impure sample of benzoic acid; 2. To determine the melting point of salicylic acid

Introduction: This explains the theory behind the experiment. Give some general background as to what the experiment is about. Include definitions of any key concepts that are an important part of the experiment. (10 points)

This approach can be applied across all topics being covered.

Materials: List glassware, chemicals and equipment/instrumentation used in the experiment. (5 Points)

Procedure: Write a step-by-step procedure of the experiment as outlined in the video. Use a flowchart if possible. (10 points)

Results and Calculations: Report results from experiment. Tables can be used, also show sample calculations. (10 points)

Discussion: Analyze the data you obtained in your experiment. Relate them to the background information and concepts of the theory behind the experiment. Indicate what information you have gathered based on the results of your experiment. Try to explain (reasonably) anything that may have gone wrong with the experiment, which may have led to inaccurate results. Where applicable, compare your result to what may be the true/accepted or expected result, and try to defend why your result is the way it is, whether good or bad. This is also an opportunity to mention any sources of error (tangible ones), that you know caused the experiment to turn out differently than expected.

A discussion does not have to be very lengthy once you have dealt with the above-mentioned key steps. A discussion is meaningless if there is no mention of the results (the actual numbers where applicable) etc. (5 points)

Conclusion: This is directly related to your purpose. Restate the purpose of your experiment and the results in as concise a manner as possible. DO NOT USE THIS TO SUMMARIZE OR REPEAT YOUR DISCUSSION. (5 points)

References: (If used)

The melting points in the screenshots/pictures I provided are complete on the first attachment paper where the professor gave us his melting points, so that part is completed. I just need the Lab write up format complete from the Title through the Conclusion. Or references if you used any.

Thank you!

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