Latin ii ca – unit exam

1. Choose the correct missing participles to complete the sequence:

parentes, _______________, _______________

paritas, parituras

parites, partiures

partas, parturas

partitas, parituras

none of these

2. Choose the correct missing participles to complete the sequence:

_______________, iussas, _______________

iubentas, iuturas

iubentas, iusturas

iubentes, iussuras

iubentes, iuturas

none of these

3. _______________, ______________, vendituras

vendentes, vendites

vendentas, vendites

vendentae, venditas

vendentas, venditae

none of these

4. ___________, praefectas, ____________

praeficias, praefecturas

praeficientes, praefecturas

praeficientas, praefecturas

praeficientes, praefectrures

none of these

5. ____________, __________, occupaturas

occupantas, occupatas

occupantas, occupates

occupantes, occupatas

occuparentes, occupates

none of these

6. Match the verb form to its English translation: 

– capere – cepisse – captas esse – captos – capi – capturas esse – capienti – capturi 

A. to have been taken B. to take C. to be intending (about/going) to take D. to be taken E. having been taken F. to have taken G. intending (about/going) to take H. taking

7. Match the verb form to its English translation: 

– sentire – sensus – sentiri – sensisse – sensus esse – sensurus – sentiens – sensurus esse 

A. to have been felt B. to realize C. to be felt D. to be going to realize E. to have realized F. felt G. feeling H. intending to feel

8. Choose the correct translation of the Latin sentence. 

Di immortales, vobis gratias agimus quod nobis semper favetis. 

O immortal day, we have your gratitude which always favors us. 

On the immortal days, we thanked you because you do not always favor us. 

O immortal gods, we give thanks to you because you favor us always. 

O immortal gods, because we have thanked you, you do not often favor us.

9. Choose the correct translation of the Latin sentence. 

Sentisne partes senatoris imperium occupaturas esse? 

Aren’t part of the senator’s feelings going to occupy power? 

Do you feel that the senator’s political party will seize power? 

Does the political part of the senator feel that power will be seized? 

Do you senator realize that part of the power is going to be seized?

10. Choose the correct translation of the Latin sentence. 

Nubibus caelum super sepulcrum tegentibus, cura uxoris de funere auxit. 

The clouds were being covered by the sky above the tomb and the wife grew concerned about the funeral. 

Above the cloud the sky covered the tomb, the concern of the wife augmented the funeral. 

The clouds having covered the sky above the tomb so the concerned wife augmented a funeral. 

When clouds covered the sky above the tomb, the wife’s anxiety about the funeral grew.

11. Choose the correct translation of the English sentence. 

An unlucky sign having been seen in the sky, the enemy turned from the shore.

Infelicem signum visum est in caelo, hostis vertit a litore.

Infelice signo in caelo viso, hostis a litore vertit.

Infelix signum visum in caelo, hostes verterunt a litoribus.

Infelice signo in caelo vidente, hostis a litore vertit.

12. Choose the correct translation of the English sentence. 

Did anyone feel the madness of the senator would destroy the political party?

Sensitne quisquam furor senatoris perdet partem?

Quisquamne sensit furorem senatoris partes perditurum esse?

Quisquam sentit furorem senatoris partem perditum esse?

Quisquamne sensit furor senatoris perditurus esse?

13. Octavian and Agrippa defeated Antony and Cleopatra at




14. Octavian re-established




15. Augustus means

revered one



16. Augustus built a temple to Mars Ultor in his forum. Ultor means



revered one

17. Augustus chose the name Mars Ultor for his temple because:

he felt he had avenged his father

he regretted the death of Antony

he felt proud of his victory over Cleopatra

18. Augustus’ political policies stressed


military expansion

family values

19. Augustus was NOT responsible for creating

tribune of the plebs


Praetorian guard

20. Augustus liked to refer to himself as

dictator perpetuus

primus inter pares

mos maiorum

21. Augustus was NOT responsible for the construction of


Theater of Marcellus

Ara Pacis

22. This author received the support of Maecenas




23. Augustus died

in battle

by assassins

peacefully at an old age

24. Translate this short passage.

Meo tertio decimo consulatu, senatus populusque Romanus legerunt vocare me patrem patriae. Hoc nomine in meo templo scripto, senserunt honores debere scriptos esse quoque in curia Iulia et in foro Augusto sub curru qui eo mihi positus erat. Meo septuagesimo sexto anno, scripsi.

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