International transportation and logistics case study due today, all

  1. Essays must be structured observing APA (6th edition) style.
    1. Every essay must have a standard cover page as per template included in Appendix A. 
    2. The essay must have an introductory paragraph that provides the reader with a short summary of the content of the essay and states a thesis.
    3. The second part of the essay must contain a summary of the case study. A reference to the source, observing APA (6th edition) style citation, must be included.
    4. The third part of the essay must state and address every one of the questions listed with the Case Study. The narrative must be objective and supported by evidence, references, or experience, as appropriate.
    5. The fourth part of every essay must have the writers’ conclusion. This section should recap the content of the essay and circle back to the thesis presented in the introduction. The conclusion section should not add new content to the essay.
    6. The final section must contain list the references cited in the essay. These are to follow APA (6th edition) guidelines.
  2. Essays must have no less than 1,200 words of original content. This word count excludes cover page, background paragraphs, references, titles, graphs, and tables. Originality will be tested electronically.
  3. Exhibits, such as diagrams, tables, and charts, can be appended to the essay. They must be numbered and titled. The text of the essay must have references to each exhibit with clear explanations, meaning, and purpose.
  4. Language used in essays must be impersonal and follow academic and business style. Avoid:
    1. Personal references of any sort (I, me, mine, my, we, ours, you, yours, etc.) 
    2. Clichés, vague, and colloquial expressions, as well as unsupported generalizations.
    3. Syntax, grammar, and spelling errors.
  5. Statements and opinions must be supported with evidence, references, or experience.


QUESTIONS are at the end of the case under “putting in it all together” second paraghraph.


but before answering the questions you will need to do a summary,… all are explained in the section above, the case will need to have 5 SECTIONS with proper english.


I have attached the case, a paper that I bought on the internet but not sure about the calculation of the data, and another pdf containing the data calculated by someone- which I recieved from a friend, I am not sure witch calculation are correct I just want to help by providing them and save you time, Maybe all of them are false its up to you to decide. Please make sure they are corrrect.

Last but not least the case needs a sensitivity analysis of the data to see how the cost will change between the two options ( shipping through spain or the netherlands)

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