Social Justice Discussion Post

me learn.

Instructions: Select and read a Social Justice Briefs from the NASW website related to your field placement agency’s (public defender office) mission and services.


After selecting and reading a Social Justice Brief on the NASW website and completing all assignments in Module 4.2, answer the following (please identify which brief you selected):

  • How do you define the environmental, social and economic justice issues faced by the community and clients served by your field placement organization?
  • How are these issues and challenges addressed in your field placement’s mission statement and its work/services?
  • Provide examples of how YOUR work at your field placement addresses social, economic and/or environmental justice.

    Agency Mission Statement: Tasked with overseeing Georgia’s indigent defense system for persons accused of crimes, our mission is to ensure that each client represented by a circuit public defender receives a legal defense that is:

    • Zealous, effective, timely, and ethical
    • Consistent with the guarantees of the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the Constitution of the United States
    • Conducted such that the criminal justice system operates effectively to achieve justice.
    • Side Note: as an intern for the public defender office most of my tasks includes extensive research gathering details and case noting information related to an offender’s background history and/or role in their case. In addition to attending court and trial hearings mainly for observational purposes. Understanding how mental health and intellectual disabilities ties into the offenders criminal behavior.

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