Discussion post

answer the question below:

What are your views of both the media and politics influencing policing in America? Do you feel law enforcement officers are being used as a “scapegoat” when it comes to racial and cultural differences in our country? no requirement for the length as long as the question is being answered accurately.

then respond to this:

My views regarding media and politics in America is that though policing does need a change of goals and mindset, media and politics focus mainly on the negative aspects of policing without looking over the positives. I believe that the media and politics should influence policing in America in a calm and compassionate way, instead I see mainly views of “Defund the Police” or “ACAB” that pose no correction of policing overall. I believe officers are becoming scapegoats to hide the differences of race and culture in our country. It’s easy to put blame on one aspect of a problem instead of looking at the whole issue.

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