Chapter 6.2 conflict and interpersonal


Please remember to read the chapter sections fully from the textbook first, and follow the instructions for each question carefully for each reading before submitting your responses. Please include the highlighted terms and concepts mentioned in question from the chapter to demonstrate that you have read the chapter and understand the concepts.

First, read Chapter 6.2: Conflict and Interpersonal

Format: In a separate paragraph, answer BOTH questions. Answer each question in 100-125 words. Responses should demonstrate understanding of the reading and refer to relevant concepts from the chapters to explain your responses.

  1. Of the five conflict management strategies, is there one that you use more often than others? Why or why not? Do you think people are predisposed to one style over the others based on their personality or other characteristics? If so, what personality traits do you think would lead a person to each style?
  2. Of the conflict triggers discussed (demands, cumulative annoyance, rejection, one-upping, and mindreading) which one do you find most often triggers a negative reaction from you? What strategies can you use to better manage the trigger and more effectively manage conflict?

Research: If any research from online or other sources is used to answer any question, please post the link to these sources.

Grading: Grading is based on the quality of responses, whether they follow assignment instructions and guidelines, and show engagement with the textbook reading. Grading is not based solely on the completion of the assignment.

Mechanics: Please check and revise the response for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and word choice before posting the final response.

*Only one response is permitted.

Friendly Reminder: Assignments should be written using original wording and authentic responses including personal experiences. Plagiarized assignments will receive a failing grade. Copying someone else’s work or wording including barely changing the wording of another person’s work and posting it as your own will result in a failing grade for the assignment. Cheating is prohibited and will result in a failing grade

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