Business principle | Management homework help

After watching the videos, reference the information from the videos (including the time show on the video where you are referencing your answer), to answer the following questions:

1) What is the difference between a company with a hierarchical  structure and one that practices holacracy?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages  of a holacracy?

3) What kind of company is Zappos?

4) Could you work for a company that practices Holacracy? Why or why not?

When answering, include the question, then your answer beneath the question.

Your answer should reflect having watched the video. Each  question and answer should have its own paragraph or paragraphs. Do not submit your answer in one LONG paragraph.  Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Upon completion of this discussion posting you should have shown you are able to comprehend and articulate the following Course Student Learning Outcome (CSLO):

10. Explain the nature and functions of management.

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