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In this paper, you will be required to identify a television commercial for a consumer product which you believe is effective and then, using the four Ps of marketing, analyze the product advertised in this commercial. (I attached the information about the 4 Ps of marketing from my textbook) I thought in Proactive, but if you think other commercial is better than Proactive, go ahead.


  • Identify      the product advertised in the commercial, including the nature of the      product and the brand name.
  • What      consumer wants or needs are satisfied through the purchase of this      product?  Explain.
  • How      would you classify the product — a convenience good, a shopping good, a      specialty good, or an unsought good?  What features of the product      cause you to categorize it in this way?
  • What      is the target market for this product.  Explain.
  • Consider      the packaging for this product.  What functions does the packaging      perform?  (See p. 386 of the textbook. – I attached the page)


  • In      what ways do you believe the commercial was directed to the target market      for the product?  Provide specific examples.
  • In      what specific ways do you feel the commercial was effective in describing      the attributes of the product?
  • What      was the purpose of the commercial — informing, persuading, or reminding,      or a combination of these?  Support your answer with examples from      the commercial.  
  • Is      this product promoted in other mediums (i.e., direct mail, newspapers,      magazines, mobile advertising, online advertising, etc.)?  If not,      what other types of promotion do you believe could be used to effectively      market this product to the target market?


  • Where      is this product available for purchase by consumers?  If it is      available in retail outlets, what type of retailers carry the      product?  See Figure 15.5 in your textbook. I attached the figure)
  • What      is the retail distribution strategy for this product — intensive,      selective, or exclusive?  Explain.
  • Which      level of distribution do you believe is/would be most effective for this product?       Explain.
  • Is      the product available for purchase by consumers through any form of      nonstore retailing — i.e., vending machines, electronic retailing, direct      marketing, multilevel marketing, etc.?


  • Compare      the price of the product you have chosen to that of its competition.       (You can either visit the local store where the product is sold or check      online prices.)
  • What      would you advise the producer in terms of the pricing of the      product?  Could they raise the price of the product without affecting      market share (i.e., would consumers be willing to pay more for the      product)?  Should they reduce the price of the product to make it      more attractive to the target market (i.e., would they gain market share      if the price were less)?  Should the pricing be left as it is?  

Your article review should be double-spaced, using a 12-point Times New Roman or similar font, with 1” margins on all sides. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 full pages (not less than 500 words), not including title page and references.  Your assignment must conform to APA style

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