Final project on globalization and trade

Instructions for Final Project:

For this Final Project, you must use economic concepts acquired in this class to address the questions. You must also supplement your text with researched information that will support your arguments.

Describe and analyze the positive or negative impact(s) of international trade or of globalization on a country or region of your choice. 

To address the questions, research must be done. It is important that factual information be provided so as to provide an accurate description.

You should include all of the following in your text, but can choose to incorporate additional information so as to provide a more complete response:

  • Informational Introduction:
    • Briefly describe the country or region of your choice.
    • Focus on that country’s or on that region’s trade patterns with one or many of its important trade partner(s). You must use statistical data in part to address this point.
  • Theoretical Question:
    • Incorporate at least one economic theory learned in class to explain how the country or the region that you chose benefits from trade.
  • Normative Question: Using the knowledge acquired in this class, make a qualitative assessment of the impact of trade on the country or region that you chose. You may address the following, but can decide to address more questions:
    • “What are the specific positive or negative impact(s) that international trading or that globalization has had for that country or for that region?”
    • “Which group is particularly affected by trade?”
    • “Propose a recommended course of action to address how you believe that the government could increase the benefits or mitigate the negative impacts of trade for that country and its population.” You should provide a coherent argumentation or statistical facts to support your analysis.

General Instructions:

  • You must incorporate in your final project economic theories learned in class and apply them to your analysis.
  • You must state your interpretation of the information that you provided and then justify your interpretation using several arguments that you will need to explain.
  • You should take a balanced position.

Special Instructions:

  • You must write a paper of at least 2,000 words.
  • You must use graphs and/or equations to present your information.
  • Additional graphs should be used to present your economic theory used in your analysis.
  • You must appropriately at least 5 references using the APA or MLA guidelines.
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