Use the following compound subjects and the corresponding verb choices


Use the following compound subjects and the corresponding verb choices to create your
own sentences. Be sure the subject agrees in number with the verb. Refer to the Guidelines
if in doubt.
Compound Subject
Verb Form
1) Music and dance      
verb = invite/invites
2) Meat and potatoes
verb = is/are
3) Hurricanes or a tornado
verb = create/creates
4) Frank or his sisters
verb = want/wants
5) Either an apple or some grapes
verb = is/are
6) The baby’s rattles or his ball
verb = delight/delights
7) Neither she nor her friends
verb = has/have
8) An avalanche or severe storms
verb = has/have
9) Sinking or swimming
verb = is/are
10) Fishing or water skiing
verb = look/looks

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