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Last week we separated discussion of Android and iOS development platform issues primarily because each platform poses its own set of development tools and associated issues. On closer inspection and from the standpoint of mobile app development, both platforms have similar issues for developers. So, this week we have some of the same questions regarding developing apps for iOS as we did for Android. Developers should develop as if they expect their app to be available for all iOS devices – is this even possible given the proliferation of new “i” devices coming to market, and Apple’s market dominance?

  • Besides cost, why should mobile app developers target the iOS platform?
  • Why is iOS development difficult – in what ways do Apple itself contribute to difficulty for developers?
  • Describe key ingredients (tools, SDKs, etc.) needed to create deployable mobile applications on the  iOS platform. 
  • What improvements are made to mobile development by use of Apple’s xCode-Swift SDK?

Use at least two different in-text citations and list a reference of these supporting sources following APA’s style and formatting 

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