Exam 4 mkt 220 basic marketing concepts

Exam 4   
•      Question 1                  2 out of 2 points

 _ includes any attempt to intentionally conduct dishonest activities online.      


• Question 2               2 out of 2 points
 ____ are audio or video files that can be downloaded from the Internet with a subscription that automatically delivers new content to listening devices or personal computers.   

• Question 3               2 out of 2 points

 Fan pages use ____ to help companies keep track of information on who is becoming a fan of their page.    
• Question 4               2 out of 2 points
 JC Penney’s website encourages visitors to register in order to maximize their use of the site. By gathering information about a consumer before a purchase is made, JC Penney is practicing   

• Question 5                2 out of 2 points
 A(n) ____ channel provides the opportunity for a marketer to customize promotions.   

• Question 6                                                                                                                 2 out of 2 points
 Digital media such as blogs allow marketers to interact with prospective customers in   
• Question 7                                                                                                                       2 out of 2 points
 A LinkedIn profile resembles   

• Question 8                                                              2 out of 2 points
 According to Nielsen Marketing Research, consumers spend more time on ____ than e-mail.      


• Question 9                     2 out of 2 points
 The ability of a marketer to identify customers before they make a purchase is called   

• Question 10                        2 out of 2 points
 IHOP is active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in order to communicate with its customers, conduct a video contest, and generally find out the customers’ likes and dislikes.  IHOP in this example, is engaging in ____ marketing.   

• Question 11               0 out of 2 points
 Northface launched a promotional campaign using various forms of digital media. In order to evaluate the success of the campaign, Northface should   

• Question 12                 2 out of 2 points
 One of the fastest-growing areas in mobile technology is the creation of ____ that help consumers to access more information about businesses   

• Question 13                    0 out of 2 points
 CarFax wants to know which social networking sites drive the most traffic to the CarFax website. The best way to gain this information is through      


• Question 14                         2 out of 2 points
 Which of the following characteristics distinguish online media from traditional marketing?   

• Question 15                         2 out of 2 points
 Consumers who act as ____ are becoming increasingly important to online marketers as a conduit for addressing consumers directly.   

• Question 16                           2 out of 2 points
 ____ relates to perceptions of value and is the most flexible element of the marketing mix.   

• Question 17                                                   2 out of 2 points
 Due to consumer concerns over privacy, the ____ is considering regulations that would limit the amount of consumer information that marketers can gather online   


• Question 18                             2 out of 2 points
 An advantage of the arbitrary approach for determining the advertising appropriation is that it is   

• Question 19                                            2 out of 2 points
 Danielle Robinson, account representative for EXpert Advertising, tells D’Orazio Tile Products that she is proposing to use 5 full-page, four-color ads in home-decorating magazines to achieve an increase in consumer and builder inquiries of 15 percent. This approach is an example of which of the following methods of determining advertising expenditure levels?   

• Question 20                           0 out of 2 points
 Dan is responsible for developing the promotional campaign for Under Armour’s new line of footwear for teens.  He will be writing advertising campaign objectives that are aimed at making the target customers’ attitudes more favorable toward Under Armour, which should be stated in ____ terms.   

• Question 21                             2 out of 2 points
 Coors advertises that its beer is the only one that is kept cold from the brewery to the store. This type of advertising is called   

• Question 22                            2 out of 2 points
 Recognition and recall tests are posttest methods based on   

• Question 23                         2 out of 2 points
 Artwork, a major part of most advertisements, consists of the   

• Question 24                       2 out of 2 points
 Tercile Products Company advertises a specific product heavily, and Carbone Products Company wants to offset the effects of that advertising. In this case, Carbone would most likely employ ____ advertising.   

• Question 25                             0 out of 2 points
 Parisian Dry Cleaners airs a series of radio ads that claim, “We are the fastest dry cleaners in town.” This campaign would best be described as ____ advertising.   

• Question 26                              2 out of 2 points
 If during an advertising campaign a certain portion of advertising runs continuously, and then during specific periods additional advertising is used to intensify the level of communication, a(n) ____ media schedule is being used.   

• Question 27                                          2 out of 2 points
 Before launching a new advertising campaign, marketers for Healthy Choice frozen dinners must determine the selling points that they want to include in the advertisements. The identification and organization of these selling points is called the   

• Question 28                                 2 out of 2 points
 Which of the following is the most commonly used type of publicity-based public relations tool?   

• Question 29                                          2 out of 2 points
 The first stage in the development of any advertising campaign is   

• Question 30                    0 out of 2 points
 The “Got milk?” print campaign is advertising that stimulates demand for a(an) ____, known as ____ advertising.    

• Question 31                                2 out of 2 points
 The last stage in the development of any advertising campaign is   

• Question 32                       2 out of 2 points
 Soft drink companies advertise that their products beat the competition in national “taste tests,” and they refer to the rival brands by name. This type of advertising is best described as   

• Question 33                                     2 out of 2 points
 Tropicana orange juice has a television commercial where a young boy is drinking orange juice at dinner.  He remarks that he likes the great taste of Tropicana anytime.  The element of the commercial that focuses on drinking orange juice at dinner would be best classified as ________, while the focus on the great taste of Tropicana would be best classified as ___.      


• Question 34                        2 out of 2 points
 After the target audience for an advertising campaign has been identified and analyzed, marketers should then proceed by   

• Question 35                 2 out of 2 points
 In one corner of its magazine advertisement for office copiers, Lexmark places a small box asking for the names and addresses of individuals or companies seeking more information. Lexmark has included this box to facilitate ____ for this communication.   
• Question 36                   2 out of 2 points
 A direct-response information form found in a magazine advertisement that allows customers to send for more information has a primary objective of   
• Question 37                 2 out of 2 points
 Sara is concerned about the effectiveness of Magnum, Inc.’s promotional messages, and is seeking an approach with immediate feedback. Sara is most likely to achieve this through   

• Question 38                 2 out of 2 points
 The Barrister’s Deli decides to run advertisements for its lunch specials on a local FM radio station. Marketing research later reveals that the restaurant’s target market listens primarily to satellite radio stations. This promotion program suffered from an error in the selection of   

• Question 39                 2 out of 2 points
 Promotion can help keep prices lower because   

• Question 40                                        0 out of 2 points
 Ralph Lauren is planning a promotion where it will showcase all of its clothing lines to buyers at retail stores.  It also plans to develop a direct marketing campaign that will use social media to introduce its new seasonal styles.  Ralph Lauren is using ___ with the retail showcase and  ___ with the social media campaign.   

• Question 41                              2 out of 2 points
 Chris sees a television commercial for Arby’s promoting its roast beef sandwiches at 5 for $5.95. Later that day he goes to the nearest Arby’s for a roast beef feast, but is told that the special offer is not available at that location. Arby’s seems to lack   

• Question 42                                 2 out of 2 points
 Which is the best example of noise that originates with the receiver in the communication process?   

• Question 43                                  2 out of 2 points
 Cooperative advertising efforts between manufacturers and retailers demonstrate the promotional objective of   

• Question 44                            2 out of 2 points
 When a salesperson varies the physical distance between himself and a customer he is using   

• Question 45                                2 out of 2 points
 For many consumers, the pages near the back of magazines with dozens of very small black and white advertisements exceed their   

• Question 46                     2 out of 2 points
 Andrea receives an e-mail from her sister-in-law that is actually a recommendation for a website with a demonstration of a new home hair-coloring system. She later discovers that her sister-in-law received a free trial kit for passing Andrea’s and four other friends’ e-mail addresses along to the marketer. This is known as   

• Question 47                                  2 out of 2 points
 Communication through the use of brochures, annual reports, event sponsorships, and news stores is referred to as   

• Question 48                            2 out of 2 points
 Channel capacity is determined by the   

• Question 49                                   2 out of 2 points
 A commercial for a weight-loss program that explains that the customer pays only one dollar for every pound he or she wants to lose but specifies in fine print that the cost of meals is extra exemplifies ____ advertising.   

• Question 50                                 0 out of 2 points
 The Dyson Company, manufacturer of high-priced vacuum cleaners, has developed a promotional program with both push and pull policies.  Dyson only sells its products through retailers who carry high-end household electronics items.  For the push policy, Dyson will most likely use ____________; for the pull policy, Dyson will use ___________.   

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