Marketing research – case study

Pizza Wow (PW) is an established dine in and delivery chain of pizzas in Bengaluru. It has 15 outlets across

the city. PW is known as a pioneer pizza chain in Bengaluru and is known for quality product and efficient


The owner’s son, Rajesh, has taken over the operations of PW from his father an year back. Now he has

understood the entire business value chain better. As he struggles to keep up with the international chains

(who have invested heavily in premium stores and other paid visibility options), he is also faced with a

problem of differentiating his brand among health conscious younger generation (whose parents have

been brand loyal to Pizza Wow).

Rajesh has a thought of healthy pizzas (those made with healthy ingredients viz whole wheat base,

toppings made of Kale and similar). He has appointed you as his Market Research (MR) consultant. You

need to prepare a detailed MR proposal (minus cost and time) for his initial approval.

Use the entire chain of research design, deploying a mix of Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal research

with clear implications on entire decision chain involving 4Ps to be demonstrated.

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