Criminal justice discussion | English homework help

Read the attached “Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: An On-the-Scene Reference for First Responders”

“The Investigation of Computer-Related Crime”  Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, there are general principles that investigators must follow when they respond to any crime scene in which computers and electronic technology may be involved. Suggest at least two (2) general principles for proper evidence preservation for stand-alone personal computers, networked home personal computers, and network server business networks. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Discuss the major procedures that investigators must use in order to collect network trace evidence of computer-related crimes. Next, speculate on the primary concern of investigators as they execute the evidence-collection procedures in question, and explain the main reasons why you believe such a concern is valid. Justify your response.

Write a response to this students: 

“Good evening,


Two general principles for proper evidence preservation are:

  1. Photograph and diagram the way that the cords were connected to the computer.  This needs to be done so that you can reconnect the cords in the correct way once you get the evidence back for examination.
  2. You have to assess the computer’s power state.  This will be important because if you remove power without making sure that the evidence is secure you risk losing that evidence because you improperly secured the scene.

The major procedures that investigators must use in order to collect network trace evidence of computer-related crimes are:

  1. On the spot imaging
  2. Using a backup source

The major concern of investigators is that they want to cause as little disruption to the company as possible.  This will help the company to be more cooperative in working with the police.  The goal is also to help the company to lose as little money as possible by having to shut down to accommodate the ongoing investigation.”

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