Assignments.7 | Operations Management homework help


1. Minimum 150 words

Review the opening case, Emerging Markets: Samsung’s Global Strategy Group (See attached). Think about what you have learned about the importance of innovation in global competition. Provide an example of another firm working abroad that has successfully applied the concept of innovation to expand its role in that market or to improve its success there.


2. Minimum 150 words

Should the WTO engage in the promotion of human rights protection (e.g., outlawing the use of child labor), or is that outside its scope as a trade institution?  Consider the argument about a social inclusion clause made by the author of your recommended reading this week. In your response, please include at least two professional sources to support your analysis (i.e., business or law journal articles, textbooks, news publications).

3. Minimum 750 words

Provide an analysis of the following question: Does the presence of foreign firms help or hurt domestic competition?  Use an example either from your textbook or from external readings and be sure to describe whether the firms collaborate or compete for market share. Support your analysis by referencing and citing at least three credible sources.


4. Minimum 750 words

The WTO and the International Labor Organization have joined forces on a number of issues.  One such issue is the reduction of informal labor, or black markets.  Review the following summary of the results of a joint report on this issue:, and watch the video presentations also found on that page.

Summarize the findings of the report and, based on your knowledge so far in this course, provide your own assessment as to what role the WTO should play in addressing informality. Explain how an increase in informal economic activity may impact domestic formal economic activities, as well as potential foreign investors.  Are there any benefits to a growing informal economic sector?

5. Minimum 750 words

Mexico devalued its currency in 1994, leading to a chain of events that seriously affected many Latin American economies. Compare the crisis that resulted from that single event to a recent event, such as the “Internet Stock Crash” or the “Housing Bubble.”

6. Minimum 750 Words

Think about the issues and potential answers to the Case Questions that accompany the Siemens case study and then conduct research to identify another case of corruption, misconduct, or bad ethical practice that occurred within the last three years. Provide an overview of that case, explaining what happened, how it was discovered, the actions the company took or failed to take and what impact those actions had on customers, the public at large and the company itself. Finally, discuss how the issues were resolved, if at all. 

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