4 different set of questions


Chapter-03 Video Case

SEE ATTACHED LINK: https://youtu.be/hMa5YHOInIc

Answer the following

1. What does Immelt mean by the “digitization of the industrial world” and “the industrial
Internet?” What are the four central elements of the industrial Internet?
2. What were the three alternatives GE had for developing the hardware and software
capabilities to become a digital frm?
3. Which option for developing its digital capabilities did GE choose and why?
4. Why does the new GE want to treat analytics as a company expertise just as it has always
treated material science?


Chapter-04 Video Case

SEE ATTACHED LINKS: https://youtu.be/sBKPacCuXsw AND https://youtu.be/84r3qd19tZU

Video Case Questions

1. What did the FCC’s net neutrality rules decide in 2015 about whether or not ISPs can be
regulated as public utilities, and why is this important?

2. Are you in favor of network neutrality? Why or why not?

3. Do you believe broadband providers should be allowed to charge companies like Netfix
and YouTube a premium for their bandwidth consumption?

4. What are some potential consequences for consumers of ending net neutrality regulations?


Chapter-07 Case

SEE ATTACHED LINK: https://youtu.be/Vk0DakFvXPA

Answer the following questions

1. List and discuss briefly the benefits claimed by Cisco for its IX5000 telepresence technology.

2. Why did Jerry Bruckheimer’s production firm adopt telepresence technology?

3. What are the business benefits to Bruckheimer’s production company of using telepresence technology?

4. In the past, work was organized into central buildings located in central locations (like
cities) in order to facilitate face-to-face interactions. What impacts might telepresence
have on the organization of work? How could you use these tools to organize work on a
global scale even when employees are in different physical locations?


Chapter-08 Case

SEE ATTACHED LINK: https://youtu.be/AGevaFreD84

Answer the following questions

1. What are cyberespionage groups stealing from the United States?

2. What does the video claim is the evidence these attacks are coming from China? Is this

3. What does Adam Siegel in the video claim is the motivation of the Chinese government
for conducting cyberespionage against the United States?

4. Why didn’t Nortel management take the Chinese threat seriously? Why do various
contributors in the video claim that American management does not take the problem

5. The video claims the attacks on American corporate and military computer systems are
increasingly sophisticated. Do you believe this is true?

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