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I have two assignments, they are based off of conducting an interview with someone involved in a sports program preferably an athletic trainer. Whether it can be done or made up does not matter, I just need this done correctly, here are the instructions from  the professor: 

I would first like you guys to think about the questions you are going to ask for your interview.  They should be insightful and drive to how these people got their career started or what to expect. (I have 5 questions already so you just need to come up with 5 more):  

1. What do you like the most about your career?

2. What encouraged you to go down this path?

3. How difficult was it getting to where you are now?

4. Was this your first career choice growing up?

5. What advice would you give to someone wanting to go down the same path you did?

Asking athletic trainer

You should have ten questions of your choice to ask. When you submit this assignment, I want to see the question written out, and a summary of their response below it. Remember there should be ten questions and a summary of the response written underneath.  

Next, I want you to write a 600-750 word response to how the interview went and what you learned from it.  This is separate from your interview submission.  Please follow proper APA guidelines 

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