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Identifying Gill’s Arguments

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In a post, please do (A), (B),  and (C):

There are two main arguments in Gill’s paper.

(A) First,  Gill argues that there is a discrepancy between the way Plato reports Socrates’ death due to hemlock poisoning and what we now know about hemlock poisoning. Attempt to write a summary of  his argument in normal English and state the argument in standard form.

(B) Second, Gill does not think the Plato was attempting to faithfully describe Socrates’ death. What is his argument for this conclusion? Again, state the argument in Plain English.

(C)* Third, give feedback to others AFTER the due date. You could tell someone what you liked about their statement of Gill’s argument. You could also kindly point out that someone may have missed a premise in the argument. 

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