Global pharmaceutical industry group assignment questions


Assignment – Case study

The global pharmaceutical industry:   

Using the case study,  The global pharmaceutical industry: In the land of shrinking giants  Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, Exploring Strategy  10th edition

Address the following issues

1. Conduct a macro environmental analysis for the global pharmaceutical industry.

2. Using the five forces model, analyse the pharmaceutical industry. From your analysis, is the industry one which you would describe at the present time as structurally attractive?

3. How has the “strategic customer” evolved over time for global pharmaceutical companies? What is the impact on the industry’s critical success factors?

4. Based on the analyses carried out above, what is your overall view of the future prospects for the Pharmaceutical industry?

Please note that your analysis and evaluation is based entirely on the information provided in the case.  You are not required to update the information in the case or search for additional information.  You will however need to consult academic texts and journals in order to demonstrate your understanding of the models and theory applied and in providing a discussion of the limitations of those models applied.

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