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 “Ben Buckley and Associates” is a talent agency that represents “big name acts”  during their tours of Australia. Ben, the principal of the agency, is extremely pleased  to have secured the contract to act as exclusive agent for a huge American  entertainer named “Slick Parsley”. “Slick”, as he is known to most people, is due to  tour Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in a week’s time on his “Fresh Spices” tour.  This contract is a huge career break for Ben, so he has decided to make sure he  does everything himself, both for the kudos, and to ensure nothing is left to chance.  Ben therefore goes to great lengths to ensure all stationary, business cards and  promotional material clearly displays the statement “Ben Buckley, exclusive agent to  Slick Parsley in Australia”. He has even had this statement included in the extensive  television advertising for the tour. Ben also includes as a term of the contract that he  will be the “exclusive” agent for Slick Parsley while he is in Australia.  Ben, however, is horrified to learn that Slick has two dogs he wishes to take with him  on tour. “Jekyll” and “Hyde” are a pair of miniature maltese/poodle crosses that Slick  simply cannot bear to be apart from. Ben realises that the dogs need to accompany  Slick otherwise he will fret too much to perform. Ben however hates dogs and cannot  bear the thought of touching or having anything to do with them. He therefore hires  renown Sydney “Dog Whisperer” Rusty Wagtail to take care of the two dogs while  Slick is on tour.  Rusty’s contract with Ben states that Rusty will take care of “all matters dog related”  such as feeding, grooming and accommodating. It is also clear that Ben remains  responsible for all other “dog” matters not specifically related to the day-to-day  management of the dogs such as customs declarations and the like.  Rusty subsequently flies to the USA to assist Slick with the two dogs. He is surprised  however to see there are actually three dogs, the third being another female MaltiPoo named “Nessie”. Slick tells Rusty that the other two dogs are in love with Nessie  and cannot travel without her. There is no time to get in touch with Ben for guidance,  so Rusty therefore makes what he considers to be an “executive decision” to board  all three dogs onto Slick’s luxury private jet. He tells Slick that he will “take care of it”  when they get to Sydney. All three dogs fly off to Australia with Slick and Rusty.  Slick’s plane gets into some engine trouble just off the New South Wales coast,  necessitating a diversion away from Sydney and a subsequent emergency landing at  the small Byron Bay airport. The plane lands and skids to a halt near the perimeter  fence, and all are ordered to evacuate the plane immediately. The crew ensure Slick  evacuates safely, and the three dogs are left for Rusty to take care of. He hurriedly  grabs all three in his arms and jumps down the emergency shute. Then, in a selfless  act of care for the animals, Rusty hurriedly runs away from the plane and throws all  three animals over the perimeter fence to safety.  After medical checks and other such requirements, all are free to go. Customs clears  two of the dogs due to their prior approvals. Nessie, however, is still at large  somewhere behind the perimeter fence. Rusty finds her, shaken but in otherwise  good health, and once again makes an “executive decision” to simply pick Nessie up and take her to the accommodation with the other two dogs. He tells Slick that  “everything is taken care of”. He does not inform Ben about any of this.  Two days later, however, an ardent fan takes a movie with his video recorder  attached to a drone of the three dogs in Slicks plush rented harbour side apartment.  Word gets out that one of the dogs is in the country illegally. Slick is prosecuted and  expelled from Australia before he could do any concerts, thus disappointing  thousands of eager fans. The three dogs are kept in quarantine pending destruction.  Explain how the law of agency in Australia may impact on the legal positions of Ben,  Slick, Rusty, Jekyll, Hyde, Nessie and “the fans”. In your answer, refer to relevant  legislation and cases where appropriate.  

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