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  • Due Saturday by 11:59pm

Although this assignment is title a “research” paper, it really more of a pseudo-research paper. Normally a researcher would begin by researching literature published by other researchers. By learning about a behavior, the researcher begins to design his or her own questions and research design. In our case, I am giving you the research design. In addition, our sample size (i.e. the number of people we are going to investigate) is way too small for us to generalize our results. Finally, what we are doing has already been studied. 🙂

With that being said, here is the assignment.

Students will complete the Attribution Assignment (see attached) and collect data from their participants. Once the data has been collected, students will research the Fundamental Attribution Error. Students will then compile their findings into a pseudo-research paper.

This assignment is worth 50 points and is due on December 4th. Please submit your assignment as an attached document.

Grading of this assignment is based on format, content, and application of material. Unlike the previous papers, this paper will include the main areas of published research.

  • Introduction – In this section, student will introduce the reader to attributions and the Fundamental Attribution Error. This is where your research will go. What did you learn about attributions and what was your source?
  • Methods – In this section students will describe what was done. How was data collected?
  • Results – This is where students will communicate what they “observed” by gathering data from their participants.
  • Discussion – Normally, the discussion and the introduction are the longest parts of published research. These are the areas the author (i.e. you) can expand on your ideas. It is also where the author explains what the results mean. For example, if evidence supports the Fundamental Attribution Error, how can we use this information to enhance our behavior?
  • References – As with all of the other assignments, you must list your references on a reference page.

NOTE: Each of these “sections” should only be a short paragraph. The entire paper should be between 3 and 5 pages, not including your reference page.

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