Take-home Film Analysis


After Reading the film script of the documentary in the attachment, put on your “Educational Psychology” hat, and write a response to each of the items below. Please type your answers and number each question.

Your responses should provide a viewpoint that is informed by the course material—that is, the goal is to practice what you have learned by applying it to a real life example. You may use material from any and all of the class. Don’t worry about what other students write; there are likely to be many possible good answers to each response. A weak response will simply describe relevant examples from the documentary.

A strong response, however, describes relevant examples and explains why those examples are effective using psychological theories and concepts. The length of the responses may vary greatly, but I would hope that you would not need to write more than 750 words.

Upload your answers into Blackboard before the due date.


1. In what ways does Rafe promote long-term retention of the material?

2. Does Rafe encourage any kind of moral reasoning development in his approach? If so, in what ways?

3. How does Rafe try to foster motivation in his students?

4. In what ways is Rafe’s approach tailored to the developmental needs of his students?

5. Which of the instructional strategies that we have learned about did you see Rafe using, and when?

6. How does Rafe manage his classroom?

7. From what we saw in the documentary, does Rafe make use of any kinds of assessment? If so, what kinds and when?

8. Many people have struggled over how to define the teacher-student relationship. For example, some claim the relationship is medical doctor-to- patient, others think its business-to-customer, or parent-to-child, or employer- to-employee. Perhaps it’s something else completely. How would you characterize Rafe’s relationship with his students?

9. Are there elements of Rafe’s style that you think would work well in a classroom in southern Ohio?

10. Are the elements of Rafe’s teaching style that you think would not work well here? Why not?

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