Sustainability Question



After I spoke with the instructor about this paper. It needs to be added more contents (550 words):

1) The teacher wants a solution: Is there any way to help the environment with the best of both ways (paper and ipad)? There must be some data in it: For example, take New York City as an example, how many people will throw waste paper into the recycling trash can, and how much waste paper will be recycled and reused.

2) The carbon footprint of each step of the paper and ipad should be researched and listed (for example, how much carbon footprint is required to ship from the paper mill to the store), and the carbon footprint should be as fair and just as possible (Take the middle value). For ipad, you can’t just look at Apple’s unilateral annual summary. Find out if there is any personal research. If so, see if the result is the same as Apple’s official 113kg.

3)Finally, trouble the writer to write down the carbon footprint of each step clearly, I need to draw it into the bottom diagram(attached picture)

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