SEC Filing Report


This SEC Filling Report project is about the content of published financial statements which I selected ebay and amazon and I obtained the most recent annual report (Form 10-K) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is uploaded below. After reviewing the annual report you must answer the questions below. Please disclose the numerators and denominators and the formulas used in your calculations. Round all answers to two (2) decimal points. Disclose the page numbers where you obtained the answers. In the analysis section of this project, you must also perform all the same analyses to both companies to compare the analyses of the two companies and determine which company performed better.

SEC 2020 Report for Ebay:…

SEC 2020 Report for Amazon:…

Only 7 questions:

Profitability Measures:
1. What is the earnings per share (EPS) on common stock?
2.What is the price-earnings (P/E) ratio?

3..What are the dividends per share?

4. dWhat is the dividend yield?

5.When you read the business description section of the 10-K, what did you learn about the company and its operations that you didn’t already know?

6. Which company performed better financially? Support your answer.

7. Which company is financially healthier? Support your answer.

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