Psy 150 Reflection


This semester we have taken a whirlwind tour of the fascinating field of Psychology covering 13 different chapter topics. I understand that sometimes survey courses like this one can feel overwhelming as they present a broad overview of the field of psychological science. Survey courses tend to emphasize breadth over depth as they introduce a wide variety of major topics and then move on to a new topic. So I find it useful in a course such as Introductory Psychology for us to take a look back at the journey that we have traveled this semester.

Your reflection must be 2 double-spaced pages in length and saved as a PDF or docx file. Please do not include headers on your paper. Just give the paper a title at the top and start your reflective essay.

Below is the specific information that I would like you to reflect on in your 2 page double-spaced paper:

Favorite Chapter Topic and WHY (2.5 points): What was your favorite chapter topic in the course? In a paragraph reflect on WHY you liked that chapter topic the best. (You should choose a specific chapter (e.g., Chapter 7 on Memory) and then write a reflective paragraph containing several sentences describing why that chapter topic resonated with you and specifically what in that chapter was important or meaningful to you.) ( ***Chapter 12 ‘Personality’ ***)

Least Favorite Chapter Topic and WHY (2.5 points): What was your least favorite chapter topic in the course? In a paragraph reflect on WHY you did not enjoy that chapter topic. (Again, you should choose a specific chapter that was covered in this course, and then write a paragraph reflecting on why you did not like that specific chapter and specifically what you did not like about that chapter topic.) (*** Chapter 7 ‘Memory’ ***)

Application to Your Everyday Life (2 points): One great thing about the field of psychological science is that it has many applications to our everyday lives. In a paragraph, identify ONE thing (the “thing” could be a skill that you learned or it could be something related directly to the course content) that you learned in this course and describe how it applies to your life. It could be related to your life as a student, a friend, a member of a family, a romantic partner or just as a person in general. (Personality — I love to learn about people and how the everyones response is unique and I’m just fascinated with the study of ones whole personality) (Memory — Least Fav)

Application to Your Professional Life or Career (2 points): I realize that many of you are still exploring various college majors which is positive and healthy, while others of you have already chosen a major and perhaps even have a possible profession or career path planned. PSY 150 is a general education course for students who are not planning to be Psychology majors (but if you change your mind and would like to become a Psychology major or minor that is wonderful!). The assumption is that most of you probably do not see yourselves becoming psychologists. But what is ONE thing you have learned in this course that might be useful in the workplace in whatever field you see yourself working in? Write a paragraph reflecting on a skill or something related to the course content that you could see being helpful to you in your career in the future. Make sure you clearly identify what that skill or piece of knowledge/information is and describe how it could be of use to you in your professional life.

Writing Style (1 point): This includes organization, spelling, grammar, etc.

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