PHIL 4456 / 5556 – 01: Ethical Issues in Healthcare Law and Policy

Hello, I have a paper due (only a page) and I have to write a page explaining how you will ethically analyze the issue you discuss in your term paper.

It is due by December 5th, 11:59 P.M (Mountain Time)

The Term Paper has not been started yet so I also attached the outline of what my paper will consist of.

Directions are posted underneath:

Write about a page explaining how you will ethically analyze the issue you discuss in your term paper.

  • Describe the ethical conflict. What ethical rules or standards are involved? What ethical justification could be offered for each of the major positions on the issue?
  • What position will you take on this issue? What do you think the right answer is?
  • How will you defend that position? How would you go about convincing a reasonable person that your position is ethically superior to the alternative(s)?
  • Present at least one objection to the position you have taken. Provide a compelling response to that objection.
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