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Over the course of the semester we will be covering many different theories of motivation that explain behavior in different ways or at different levels. For this assignment you will choose a behavior and write a 5-7 page paper analyzing the motivation behind the behavior at several levels. Your paper will explore the immediate biological, social, and environmental influences on the behavior as well as developmental, cultural, and/or evolutionary factors in the individual’s past. You should include information from at least two empirical articles to help support your analysis. Papers should be in APA format with complete in text citations and works cited. Find at least 2 empirical articles (not review articles) that help to support your analysis.

Empirical articles are original research studies, not reviews of other research studies. They can be distinguished from review articles by their methods and results sections reporting on research that the authors themselves have conducted. Meta-analyses can be incorporated as original research for the purposes of this assignment. If you are unsure if an article is an empirical article, please ask me.

Briefly describe the methods and results for these studies

Directly relate the studies back to your analysis of behavior.

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