How many bits are required to address a 8g x 64 main memory if

Read each problem carefully. 




1.     How many bits are required to address a 8G X 64 main memory if


a)     Main memory is byte addressable?   

b)     Main memory is word addressable? 

2.     Suppose that a 4M X 32 main memory is built using 1M X 8 RAM chips and memory is word addressable.


a)     How many RAM chips are necessary? 

b)     How many RAM chips are needed for each memory word?  

c)     How many address bits are needed for each RAM chip?  

d)     How many address bits are needed for all memory?   

3.     A digital computer has a memory unit with 26 bits per word.  The instruction set consists of 50 different operations.  All instructions have an operation code part (opcode), and an address part (allowing for only one address).  Each instruction is stored in one word of memory.


a)     How many bits are needed for the opcode?

b)     How many bits are left for the address part of the instruction?

c)     What is the maximum allowable size for memory?

4.     Write the following MARIE assembly language equivalent of the following machine language instructions where:

     0010 0000 0000 0111 is Store 007

5.     What is the difference between hardwired control and microprogrammed control?



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