Finishing up a research in finance

going to use energy sector for this case I have the PowerPoint and the attached file below please take a look at it and make the addition that needs to be changed or added and follow the rules carefully from 1 to 12. for number 3 please do some research the impact of Covid wave/Variant on the energy sector and create slide for it

top 5 companies for number 8 I chose LNG, DVN, CVX or RDS/A Morgan, Stanley and Apple

As it was mentioned earlier Sector Analysis update is VERY important since:

  1. Sector Analysis:
  2. The macro environment is getting closer to normalcy in the U.S. with regards to business reopening and many employees going back to work in person. That’s the situation in many countries around the world given the massive rollout of vaccinations. Lockdowns are easing up, travel is coming back, and many economic indicators are bouncing back along with inflation. This should have serious implications on MANY sectors in the economy–defense, technology, banking/financial, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy, etc. Highlight those implications and assess their impact (good/bad/neutral?).
  3. COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, after troughing on 6/22/21 to 7-day average to 11,364 cases, to reach over 90,342 this week. Covid-19 variant is posing a challenge as well. If so, how would it affect your sector if covid-19 ends/flares up?
  4. The IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) that was released on Oct. 12th, 2021 ( (Links to an external site.) ). Comment on its projection for 2021/22 global and U.S. growth outlooks. How does that impact your sector? if covid-19 ends/flares up all over again?
  5. Some industries are still suffering from covid-19 impact (i.e., negative when it comes to some sectors like consumer stable, etc., and positive for some technology and pharma, etc.), however. Some sectors started to show “green shoots,” as activity level seems to have noticeably improved (e.g., airlines, hotels, traffic, etc.). Is your sector impacted by supply-chain disruption?
  6. From your previous presentation, use some of your information and update as directed below:
  7. Provide an overall description of your sector. What products/services does it provide?
  8. Identify the top players in your sector by market capitalization and/or revenues (say top 5 companies). How about the top 5 companies in sales’ growth? Top 5 of the sector’s biggest 10 companies by market capitalization in net profit margin?
  9. What are the revenue drivers? Where they are located? Use Bloomberg.
  10. How did your sector perform vs. S&P 500 and Nasdaq over the past 1, 3, 5, and 10 years? In a table, show your sector’s performance, S&P’s performance, and your sector’s active return (sector return – S&P’s return).
  11. What is the outlook for the Sector? What makes it thrive/shrink?
  12. What key economic indicators you find relevant to watch to understand the potential impact on your sector? Perform a top-down approach to analyze the global environment.
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