Data Analytics Question

Random sample instructions

You will need to select a sample of 101 universities. Follow these instructions exactly to randomly select your sample. Your sample will be completely different than the sample created by everyone else. If you turn in an assignment with the same sample selected as another student, neither student will receive credit for this assignment. (1) Type “RAND()” in the the cell for the first observation of the R Number variable (2) Apply this function to the rest of the observations in the data set. (3) Highlight the entire column for the random variable you just created. (4) Right click the highlighted column and select “copy” (4) Right click the column again and select “values” from the list of paste options. This will keep your random numbers from updating if you’ve done it correctly. (5) Now highlight the “R Number” column. Select the “Data” menu from the top of the excel window and sort from lowest to highest (A warning box may pop up. Make Sure to select “Expand the Selection” before sorting). (6) Copy the first 101 observations (remember the first row is just the variable name) from the population data provided and paste them to the sample data sheet in the excel workbook. This is the sample you will use to answer questions 1-8 on the previous page

Table 1: Variable Descriptions

Variable Name Description
em allfaculty tot 2011 satvr75 2011

satmt75 2011
tuition2 2011
tuition3 2011
floan p 2011
floan a 2011 undergrad tot 2011 em allfaculty tot 2018 satvr75 2018

satmt75 2018 tuition2 2018 tuition3 2018
floan p 2018
floan a 2018 undergrad tot 2018 R Number

Institution name
City of institution
State abbreviation
Sector of institution
2011 Total employed faculty
2011 75th percentile of SAT verbal scores
2011 75th percentile of SAT math scores
2011 In-state undergraduate tuition ($)
2011 Out-of-state undergraduate tuition ($)
2011 Percentage of undergrads with a Federal student loan 2011 Average per student Federal loan amount ($)

2011 Total undergraduate enrollment
2018 Total employed faculty
2018 75th percentile of SAT verbal scores
2018 75th percentile of SAT math scores
2018 In-state undergraduate tuition ($)
2018 Out-of-state undergraduate tuition ($)
2018 Percentage of undergrads with a Federal student loan 2018 Average per student Federal loan amount ($)

2018 Total undergraduate enrollment Random value that you create

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