Osi and tcp/ip models | Computer Science homework help


Discussion Topic

Choose a TCP/IP service, such as a web  browser, email, file transfer, remote shell, DHCP, DNS, network time  protocol, network address translation, etc. 


  • Everyone should pick a different service, if possible, to keep the discussion fresh.

In your original post, answer the following about the service you have chosen:

  • How would you determine the IP addresses of your devices on your network?

 Success Hints

You can use ipconfig if you use the command line.

You can use whatismyipaddress.com if you have connectivity on your devices. 

  • Using Google, determine how to look up your IP address in the Windows 10 GUI.
  • How would you determine if your devices are able to communicate on your network?

 Success Hint

You can use ping on your computers. How would you do it on your mobile devices?)

  • Using ipconfig, how do you determine the IP address of your home router?
  • Trace a request and a response with the help of a diagram of the TCP/IP service that you chose.
  • Follow the request and response through each of the TCP/IP layers.
  • Describe what happens at each layer of the OSI and TCP/IP reference models. 
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