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Create your own comic page in order to demonstrate your understanding of visual language!

Your comic must be at least two pages!

It does not have to be drawn with artistic expertise, but it does need to be neat and readable. If you aren’t very confident in your drawing skills, stick figures are fine!

Your comic must include:

– A clear and engaging narrative of your choice

– Composition that reflects the narrative

– At least one use of visual metaphor or stylistic expressionism in each of the following categories

1. Something on or about a character, i.e. their physical appearance

2. The background of one or more panels

3. A sound element

At least one of these elements should have a deeper significance to your narrative than simply being a depiction of something non-visible; there should be symbolism or thematic significance. A good example, for instance, is the way Art Spiegelman uses animal heads to represent the relations between different groups of people in Maus; it has a deeper significance than his uses of squiggles for smell or block letters for a loud sound.

I will attach the grading rubric!

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